It’s A Matter of Control!

There is something innate in fallen human nature that resists external control. We have reluctance and resistance to relinquish control to another person, to a boss, to parents, etc. We want to run our own lives, do our own thing, and be the final authority over ourselves. In fact, all the trouble in the history of the human race stems from that determination. God had laid down His regulations for Adam and Eve and when tested, they acted on their own authority. This was rebellion: I’ll do what I want, not what You want! The problem went deeper than rebellion. It was pride! I know better than God was the implication. This is the dividing line in our alienation from God. The key to a genuine relationship with God is our willingness to yield the control of our lives to Him. Salvation comes by trusting Him and the merits of what He accomplished on Calvary’s cross. We own our sins, trust Him for forgiveness and surrender to His control. Yielding to His control is an ongoing learning experience. However, it is the direction in which we move beginning with our conversion. Learning to let Him control is not optional! It is the inevitable outworking of the new nature that we receive when we are born again. Jesus said, “And why call ye Me, Lord, Lord and do not the things which I say?” We receive Him as Savior and Lord! Thinking that we can receive Him as Savior but not as Lord is just one more attempt to retain our control of our lives. Selah! If we can trust Him with our eternal destiny, we can and must trust Him to run our lives!  Ron



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