Do You Recognize the Voice?

The phone rings, the voice sounds familiar but you’re are not sure. You listen a bit longer. Once you’re sure that the voice belongs to someone you can trust, you know how to respond. If it turns out to be someone you don’t know and their voice is quite similar, you naturally want validation of whatever they say. It may be a “con.” Failure to be very cautious can be very costly. This is even more important in the Spiritual realm. There are voices out there that are convincing, clever and persuasive. However, there are subtle differences. There is a Voice that is absolutely reliable and that Voice, the Voice of Jesus, speaks to His own from the inspired Scriptures. The more we are attuned to that Voice, the more we are apt to discern the falseness of any voice that belongs to an untrustworthy source, no matter how similar. Jesus taught, “My sheep hear My Voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” This presents a very important reality. If we are not listening to Him or learning to listen to Him, we may, in fact, not be sheep. It is in the nature of a sheep to recognize the voice of the shepherd. It is in the new nature of the genuine believer to listen to our Shepherd in His Word. Once again, this underscores the absolute indispensability of continuing and increasing absorption and applying of God’s Word. We may hear clever imitations of His Voice. However, faithful listening to Him will help us to recognize false teachers.  Selah! Are you listening carefully?    Ron


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