Petrified People


There are people who seem to be petrified. For example, consider the individual who has vast knowledge and who can spout information like a walking encyclopedia. However, when it comes to everyday living and relationships, he or she seems “out of touch,” kind of at a loss. This, of course, can characterize people in a number of fields. They are intelligent and accomplished in their chosen fields but lacking in down-to-earth living. This is especially distressing in those who may have mastered theology, have comprehensive understanding of the Bible, but little actual application of God’s Word in their lives, day by day! They have a sterile, intellectual possession of many facts stored in their minds in the same way books are placed in bookcases, but they do not put these facts into action in their lives. The Apostle Paul was a brilliant man but was far more concerned with a personal relationship with the Lord than he was with all the facts he knew about Him. Paul wrote, under inspiration, “yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord:….” (From Philippians 3:8). He was speaking of an experiential knowledge; a practical application of intellectual knowledge. His understanding had gone from his head to his heart and became the driving fascination of his life. Paul was anything but petrified; He was enthralled with Jesus! He loved Him, served Him and shared Him with others and craved deep fellowship with Him. Paul was anything but petrified! He was fervent and passionate about his Savior. Selah! We can become petrified, unless we become electrified by experiential fellowship with our risen, living Lord. Let’s develop that kind of relationship.  Ron

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