Buried in the Details

Imagine this scenario: Let’s see, we need to teach Sunday School this Sunday. What can we do to increase attendance at church? Who do we have this week for Special Music? Do we have enough bulletins, etc.? Or imagine this scenario: The music was great. I enjoyed the worshipful atmosphere. Good message this morning! We had several visitors this morning. I thought they would never get done with the announcements. I hope the giving met budget. Did you notice so and so; they were whispering all through the service? I can’t make that “work day” this week! We could use some new hymnals. Are these the things that occupy our minds preparing for Sunday and when we attend on Sunday? As you were imagining, did Jesus once cross your mind? I suggest that our Lord may be given little thought (except, perhaps, during the message) during a typical week beginning Sunday. In other words, does Jesus get buried in the details?! is He not to be the center, the focus, the attraction in all our gatherings? It seems that I remember Paul saying to the Colossians in Chapter 1, Verse 18, we gather together that, “….in all things He might have the preeminence.” Do you recall our Lord saying, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.” (John 8:32). Selah! Be alert, Sunday! See if you can see Him, “high and lifted up?”  Ron


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