The Subtle Infiltration of Sin

If our arch-enemy were to just promote out-and-out sin right in our face, he might not be as successful as he has been in the way he works. He, of course, is much more clever than that. Instead, he influences men and women to come up with good plots and characters for movies, books, plays, etc. and with lyrics for music. Then, little-by-little, he plants thoughts, scenes, lyrics, etc. that are just a little suggestive. As fallen people start to like that which is borderline and daring, those who produce this kind of fare feed on their depraved desires and insert a bit more into their offerings, and on it goes. Sin, instead of a head on assault on us, subtly infiltrates the “good stuff,”  slowly adding a little bit more over a long period of time, keeping off of our radar screen and thereby is not as likely to be rejected by our critical faculties. Consider the areas mentioned above 70+ years ago and then compare them with today’s fare and the contrast is sharp. This is true of news and commercials as well. We are not to be contaminated. By use of the Word of God, we need to be exercised “to discern both good and evil.” (See Hebrews 5:13-14). Our place, as born again Christians, is to refuse to support and to look at or listen to “trash.” We are to support and encourage that which is clean and wholesome. Remember what James was inspired to write, “….when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.” (From James 1:15). Selah! Neglect of the Word disables our critical discernment and lulls us into excusing sin. Let’s not aid and abet the enemy. We are to be victors; not victims!   Ron

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