Patriotic Hypocrisy?

On the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, at ball games, on a trip to the nation’s capitol and other patriotic moments, we are moved by our country’s heritage. Perhaps patriotic music or saluting the flag actually moves us to tears. When we reflect on our country’s past and its present situation, we may feel deep sorrow for how we have departed from our founding principles. How deep does all this go? Is it only emotional stimulation soon to fade in the press of activity? Do we pray for our country (except at church)? Do we do anything to help improve our country? Especially, do we vote or do we shrug off our responsibility with the weak excuse that our vote won’t change much? It is my contention that if all true and all professing Christians, along with all conservatives, actually informed themselves adequately and voted, bathing their votes with earnest prayer, we would have a major transformation in our nation. We might even see Divine intervention in our time. Simply being “worked up” emotionally won’t stem the bleeding wounds. Concrete action and fervent prayer are urgently needed! Anything less may be patriotic hypocrisy. “Righteousness exalteth a nation.” (From Proverbs 14:34). Who is going to move the nation toward righteousness, if not the church? When are we going to do it, if not now? Selah! The church is salt and light and the church is us, we who are born again. Let’s step up to the plate! “….it is time to seek the LORD, till He come and rain righteousness upon you (upon us).” (From Hosea 10:12)  Ron 

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