An Inferior Brand

There is much cheapening and/or corrupting of what was once good quality brands. One example is in our food supply. Much that was once wholesome and nutricious is now “watered down,” loaded with additives and contaminated with chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients. It’s bad when we are talking about food. It’s far worse when we are talking about the brand of Christianity that is often offered today. Bad food can be exposed for what it is and can be avoided. More and more people are doing that. When we are exposed to an inferior brand of Christianity, far too many swallow it whole. They are unaware that it is a weakened version of the original brand. It often is devoid of wholesome doctrine. Unscriptural ideas and principles have frequently been added. It seems like the real thing but fails to produce healthy Spiritual growth. As people are learning to abandon unwholesome food and junk food, God’s people need to chuck emasculated spiritual food. Processed spiritual food must be replaced with the sincere milk of the Word and the strong meat that produces Spiritual maturity. Only as we feed regularly on the original brand will we quickly recognize and refuse an inferior brand. Selah! People are studying food labeling more and more so as to reject the unwholesome food. We, like the Bereans, need to do that with the spiritually corrupted food that is commonly offered today. “….they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” (From Acts17:11).    Ron

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