“Must” Trust

I am extracting two words from Hebrews 11:6. They are: "must believe." In the verse it mentions two things that we must believe. Both are essential. The verse also informs us that "without faith it is impossible to please Him." Let's look more closely at those two words, must believe. Lots of people will tell you that they believe in God. How many of them are saved? There are many who profess faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Far too often, it is conditional faith. If God doesn't do what I ask Him, I'm done trusting. If God allows certain things that are bad to happen, I don't trust Him anymore. That is not Bible trust! I used to trust Him, but I've outgrown that. That, also, is not Bible trust! Then, what is Bible trust? It is unconditional. We trust Him absolutely! We may waver, in difficult circumstances, but we do not stop trusting. We may experience a temporary lapse in our trust. Nevertheless, if it is Bible trust, we will resume trusting. Let me use the chair illustration and add to it. We are standing and we say to those observing that trusting Christ is like believing that this chair will hold me. However, it isn't holding me, even though I believe with all my heart that it will. It isn't, because I haven't commited myself to sitting on it. Once I trust it to the point of sitting on it, I have shown real faith. I can believe all the Scriptural facts about our Lord Jesus but it is only valid faith when I trust Him by giving myself to Him. Biblical faith is when I go one step further and commit myself to trust Him and never stop trusting Him, no matter what. Even with any temporary interruptions in our trust, we will return to it, if it is true faith. This is the kind of faith that works. It is not a fuzzy feeling. It is an act of our will that our trust in Him will be permanent. Selah! I hope to expand on this a little more, tomorrow, Lord willing.       Ron

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