“The Master and the Mission”-in Matthew-22

Today, we are dealing with a subject upon which many Christians disagree. I only ask that you carefully consider my comments on Matthew 5:31-32. Here is what the passage tells us: "It hath been said, Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement: but I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery." This concession was, as Jesus pointed out elsewhere, granted only because of the hardness of their hearts. He added that from the beginning divorce was not intended to take place. He now points out in this passage that for any reason other than fornication, divorce causes the woman who is put away to commit adultery and one marrying a divorced woman commits adultery. What is often overlooked is that this exception is only permissible during what we know as the engagement period. Some will reason that this ruling was given under the Law and, therefore, not binding on us today. However, the teaching on marriage and divorce is consistent throughout Scripture. Because this is such a difficult subject, I plan, Lord willing, to devote one or two articles to the subject and then continue with our overview of Matthew. Selah! There are principles, reasons, attitudes and responsibilities related to this subject that we need to understand. These deserve careful consideration. Please come by tomorrow with an open mind and heart. Ron


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