Words to Live by

Most people have little or no realization of the power of words. Oh, they may have a vague sense that words are important but little grasp just how important they can be. Words can cheer, motivate, discourage, scare, hurt, heal, comfort, etc. Words have won victories and lost wars. Words are essential to many, if not all, occupations. Words can inspire confidence or destroy someone's sense of worth. Little wonder then that God uses words to communicate with mankind. He goes even further. He identifies the Bible as the Word of God. He goes still further. He reveals His Son as the Living Word. In fact, The Bible is the written expression of the Living Word and the Living Word is the living expression of the written Word. Never have words had more power than when they come from God. Jesus said, "….The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life." (From John 6:63). After Jesus prayed at the grave of Lazarus, He cried with a loud voice "….Lazarus, come forth." (From John 11:43). It has been thought that if Jesus hadn't addressed Lazarus by name that the power of His words was so great that all of the dead would have come to life. Those same powerful words that raised Lazarus have offered eternal salvation to countless men and women. Multitudes down through the centuries, who have placed their faith in the Savior, have been raised from spiritual death and have entered into life eternal. Those words responded to positively have transformed sinners into saints. Constant application of those words have brought Christ-likeness into the lives of God's children. God's Word searches out that which is wrong, convicts and motivates change. (See Hebrews 4:12-13). This is the Word that sanctifies, cleanses, and blesses all who heed it. Selah! This Word endures forever!  This Word is a guide for living and, in the hands of the Holy Spirit, the means of preparing us, who are born again, for Heaven.     Ron 

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