“Tuck in” Christianity??

 There is a mindset to be overcome and a lesson to learn, in order to function as a "Spirit filled" Christian. Generally speaking, we give ourselves to things like work, family, errands, entertainment, relaxation, etc. Then, we try to "tuck in" our Christian activity. This is backwards! We must start with our Christianity. This is the lesson we must learn. It's a hard one and will require discipline and persistence. Our orientation as "sons of Adam" is to try to "tuck in" our Christianity. When I get my chores done, I'll have a quiet time. I have to take care of these errands before I can read God's Word. That may be true sometimes, but after they are done, are we too tired? Could our errands be organized to be done more efficiently? I'm too tired to pray. I'll relax first. I'm sure God expects me to give quality time to my family. Yes, but not at His expense. What I'm getting at is this: Start with God. We work to earn money to support ourselves and our family. God expects us to provide. "Tuck in" your work around your Spiritual activity. Relax between devotions and church attendance. Do your quiet time and then your most important errands and after your next quiet time do some more errands. Relax and rest to take care of your body which is God's. Do this so that you will be refreshed to labor for Him. The point is this: our number one responsibility is God. Everything else needs to be "tucked in" around that. As we break the old mindset and learn this lesson, we will need to plan, organize, and to a large degree schedule. All this because God deserves our putting Him first, and learning this will bring His blessings, in our walk with Him. Selah! Don't expect this change of orientation to happen overnight. There will be times when you "feel" that it is hopeless. (Who do you think might put that thought in your mind)? Just renew your determination over and over and you will discover a dimension in your Christian life that you didn't know could be experienced.  Ron
"But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33).

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