Jerusalem or Samaria or Somewhere Else?

Do we really understand worship or do we only give "lip service" to a concept? If only a concept, whose concept? We speak of church auditoriums as "worship centers." There may be some justification for that but it is only accurate in a limited sense. Our worship must center upon Him! We no longer go to a temple at Jerusalem or in Samaria or any place else. We, who are His, are the temple! Worship must start within us. However, worship cannot be self-generated. We don't worship without a source of inspiration. We worship when our whole being is caught up in the wonder of the sense of His Presence. Yet, where do we find this Presence that can so fill us with wonder and admiration and gratitude as to build within us and erupt in spontaneous expression? The places where we will interact with the object and source of our worship are in the Word of God and in prayer. When our hearts are thrilled with the wonder of His Person and our love is set on fire by the marvel of His love and grace, we can and will worship "in spirit and in Truth." Strictly speaking, we don't go to "church," as a "place to worship." We, who are the church, gather with the rest of the family, and our worship, which has been going on daily and privately, now combines with that of our brothers and sisters in corporate overflow to His honor and glory. Now, to genuinely worship, at least two things must happen. First, all known sin must be confessed. We must be forgiven and cleansed (I John 1:9). Secondly, there must be a (continuous) purging of self and God's fulness must occupy each area, as each area is purged. Selah! The more self is crucified, the more of Himself, in the Word and prayer, will He reveal to us. The more He does, the more worship will well up in a great doxology of praise!   Ron
"God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and in Truth" (John 4:24).
"….Thy Word is Truth." (From John 17:17).

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