Knowing the Will of God-Tozer-Part 4


Attitude Toward Myself
"Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. (The idea here is not to look down on anyone. Grant them the same respect you desire from others). Be not wise in your own conceits" (Romans 12:16).
 "Then, how does this new thing affect our attitude toward ourselves? Whatever comes from God diminishes self and glorifies God. Whatever comes from God humbles us. Whatever comes from God makes the flesh intolerable. But if it comes from the flesh, it puffs up and makes us feel superior; it makes us look down on other Christians.
 Did you ever meet Christians with their noses elevated at a 45-degree angle from the level field? They smile down from their imperial heights and say, "You do not understand me, just pray about it," and they go away looking like Saint Francis. But all they had was a bad case of pride. it was just pride grown bad, grown cancerous., No, whatever is of God always humbles you. If it is of God, it makes you appreciate your fellow Christians that much more. And it makes you appreciate the humblest, poorest Christian in the whole congregation and makes you love that Christian.

 Self puffs up, makes you look down on other people and makes you pity them and smile down on them. Never put yourself on a pedestal. In you dwelleth no good thing. I do not care who you are or how many degrees you have or anything that you might say or have justly said about you. Any experience that is of God, any doctrine that is of God, humbles my flesh and brings me down lowly before Him; it makes Him great and me little."   

Taken from"Reclaiming Christianity" By A. W. Tozer. Used by permission from Gospel Light Publications. For more information, contact Gospel Light at

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