Knowing the Will of God-Tozer-Introduction

How to Know When a Thing is From God
"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good" (I Thessalonians 5:21).
    I want to share a little spiritual treasure God gave me some years back to tell if a doctrine is from Him or not; whether a blessing I am receiving or an emotional experience I may have or a miracle I may think I see, or anything else, is of God. Some Christians, of course, cannot profit by this for the simple reason that they are static. They have had no new experiences, and they are not going to have any, if they can help it. They are satisfied to beat their wings fast and buzz around low. But you that are seekers after God, you that are troubled and concerned about your spiritual lives, this is for you.
    Some people are troubled in their spiritual lives. They read the Bible, but that does not help them. They do not seem to be able to find themselves. They are ready to hear from anyone, and that is a danger. I do not like to see anybody too willing to accept things. I like to have them do what the Bereans did  – examine the Scriptures to see if these things are true (see Acts 17:11).
    Some people are eager and seeking some new thing. You hear everybody and his brother lecturing, talking and giving messages. It's all right; radio is a good medium of communication. But you have to use your head and your heart. Just the fact that he talks fast and sounds pious does not mean one thing. The devil can come as an angel of light. So you have to learn to know an angel of light from an angel of God. You have to learn to know pseudo truth from truth.
    These are those who are willing to take up a new doctrine and seek new experiences if somebody else comes along and demonstrates they have had one. And there are always those who are easily moved by miracles. I have never been. I have seen God do some miracles, but I have never been much convinced by miracles. If they will not believe Moses, the prophets, the apostles and our Lord, they would not believe even if a man rose from the dead. Miracles are secondary proofs of anything, and yet miracles move some people tremendously; and if somebody can come along and do a miracle, they would just believe anything.
    I want to give you a rule to help along this line: The rule is to check "the new thing" by asking how does it affect my attitude toward and my relation to God, Christ, the Scriptures, myself, other Christians, the world and sin?
Taken from"Reclaiming Christianity" By A. W. Tozer. Used by permission from Gospel Light Publications. For more information, contact Gospel Light at

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