“On Location with Luke”-33

Highlights in Acts-Chapter 12

Around that same time, Herod, the king went after certain in the church. He ".…killed James, the brother of John with the sword." (From Verse 2). When he realized that it pleased the Jews, he went after Peter also (during the days of unleavened bread). Peter was arrested and put in prison. He was guarded by four quaternions of soldiers. If I understand it right, this amounted to eight sets of four soldiers each, working in three hour shifts. Two soldiers were chained to Peter and two stood guard outside the cell. Herod planned to bring him out to the people after Easter and probably have him put to death. "….but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him." (From Verse 5). The night before Peter was to have been brought forth, guess what he was doing. Can you believe it? He was sleeping! He was between two soldiers and bound with chains. What happened next was beyond astonishing! An angel appears on the scene, a light shone in the prison, Peter was jarred awake by a poke in his side by the angel, and his chains fell off! After that Peter is told to get himself ready. He did. (God expects us to do what we are able to do. God acts for us in the things we cannot do). Next, Peter is instructed to put his outer garment around him and follow the angel. All the while, he thought it was a vision. The two passed through two wards, came to the gates which opened supernaturally, and Peter found himself alone in the street. It finally dawned on him that an angel has just engineered the most amazing jailbreak in all of history. When he came to his senses, he gave the credit for his release to God. Selah! This was amazing and needed for that occasion. Nevertheless, prayer is God's means for accomplishing far more than we imagine.   Ron   Do return tomorrow to see how this event continues to unfold.

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