“On Location with Luke”-28

Highlights in Acts-Chapter 10

Luke now chronicles an incident in the life of a Roman centurion by the name of Cornelius. He was devout, feared God with all his house, was generous with the people, "….and prayed to God alway." He had, in a vision, a very unexpected visit from an angel of God. The angel told Cornelius that his prayers and alms "….are come up for a memorial before God…." (From Verse 4).  God doesn't limit His love to just one racial group but extends it to all who will open their lives to Him. Then, this man is told to send for Peter (remember that Peter is in Joppa, not too far from here) and that he will come and instruct Cornelius in what he ought to do. Keep in mind that Jews did not enter despised Gentiles' homes. Would Peter come? What could convince him to do this? What would be the outcome? You won't want to miss it when Peter's tranquility is disturbed, and his world is turned "topsy-turvy." God is about to launch another phase of His ongoing acts to touch the lives of many, as His "good news" spreads. Selah! Never think that anyone might not ever receive God's offer. You never know! God's love is for the world! Is ours?    Ron

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