“On Location with Luke”-2

Highlights in Acts-Chapter 1

After recounting what information Jesus gave to His disciples, Luke directs our attention to a sight to behold. Jesus assigns a mission of major magnitude to His soon to be created church. He reveals to them the coming provision of the Holy Spirit's indwelling Presence and power to enable them to carry out their responsibilities. Keep in mind that they were listening to a man they saw killed and now He is not only alive but He is with them! While they are mulling over the reality of His Presence and internalizing His statements to them, their eyes are transfixed by one of the most unusual sights in all of history. They saw a man, but more than a man, the Son of God, start to rise from off the ground and ascend upward, and disappear into a cloud. (Just try to think how it would impact you, if you saw someone that you knew was dead and now you see him alive and he interacts with you giving you an astonishing bit of news and a humanly impossible commission. While you are trying to digest all of this, he suddenly defies the law of gravity and rises into the sky until he vanishes into a cloud). Before His followers could begin to grasp all this, they are suddenly aware of two beings in white apparel that must have seemed to come out of nowhere. These men, apparently angels, ask them why they are still gazing into the sky. The implication, I suspect, is for them to get going on their mission. These angels added that this same Jesus would one day return again to earth in the same way they saw Him leave. We may live to see the reverse of what they saw! Jesus is indeed coming again to set up His reign on earth. For now, the saga continues. We need to carry on, where those before us left off. Selah! The same Person, Presence and power awaits our involvement.    Ron

"….not by might, nor by (human) power, but by My Spirit, saith the LORD of hosts." (From Zechariah 4:6).

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