Introductory- “On Location with Luke”

Highlights in Acts-Chapter 1

Some have reasoned that this account of Luke's should be titled: "The Acts of the Holy Spirit," instead of "The Acts of the Apostles." However, we should keep in mind that it was, in fact, the acts of the Holy Spirit through and for the Apostles and others. This account by Luke, the physician and historian, was addressed to a man, apparently an individual of distinction. He is addressed in Luke !:3 as, "…most excellent Theophilus." (It will prove a valuable exercise to read Luke and follow that up by reading Acts). Together, they cover the life of Jesus and after His death, the birth of His Church and its reach to the "….uttermost part of the earth." (From Acts 1:8). Jesus met with His Disciples after His resurrection for forty days, instructing them and preparing them for what lay ahead. Their thoughts and desires were still much centered on the restoration of Israel's Kngdom. (See Acts 1:6). They were soon to learn that the Lord had in mind for them an entity that would spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. That process continues today! He also informed them that a Source of power was to be available to them, enabling them to carry out the mission He was assigning to them. Before ever Israel was to become the capitol of the world, Jesus' plan was a Spiritual entity that would bring Jew and Gentile together, in a saving relationship with Himself, incorporating them into a Spiritual body, the Church. They were to be filled with the Holy Spirit, taught to depend on His working, and take part with Him in an exciting adventure. This adventure is fraught with danger, difficulties and delights. We, who are born again, are to become a part of that adventure today. Selah! This (ongoing) two thousand year adventure gives us, who are His, an opportunity to see the acts of the Holy Spirit operate through and for us, in our times!    Ron

"But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you..." (From Acts 1:8).


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