If someone begins to find the Bible interesting and questions begin to arise and that person decides to go to a local church to find out more, what might happen? Suppose that starting to attend, he or she finds that they like it at that church. Suppose, even further, that they like the people there and begin to attend regularly. If this local church is a Bible believing church, he or she could become very familiar with the conversation and preaching in that church. They could learn the "language." They might even agree with the Truth. Does all this mean that he or she has become a Christian? Perhaps, but not necessarily. I say, "perhaps," because some churches make very clear what is involved in being saved and if these hypothetical individuals truly receive Jesus, as Savior and Lord, then they are "real" Christians. However, if the issues are not clear, they could be (even without conscious awareness) acting out the role of a Christian without being one and all the while believing that they have the real thing. They could be so familiar with the Truth that they could miss out on their need to yield control of their lives to Jesus and yet look like they have. We need to search our hearts to determine if we have been genuinely converted. Selah! It is possible to have just enough Christianity to be inoculated against the real thing! Ron

"Examine yourselves, whether you are in the faith….."     (From II Corinthians 13:5).  

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