What Does Discipleship Look Like?

The making of a disciple is not greatly different from the making of a good soldier. First of all, there is enlistment. A disciple enlists when he or she receives salvation. Next, begins training. Just as there are military manuals, so God has a manual (the Holy Bible) for disciples. A soldier is under orders. A disciple is under orders. Following logically, there is commitment to a cause. A soldier has a cause. A disciple has the greatest cause of all. Along the way, there is hardship for both. A good soldier is given recognition and honor and so is a faithful disciple. A good soldier may be called upon for the greatest sacrifice. A disciple has presented himself or herself as a living sacrifice and they may be called upon to lay down their lives. A good soldier wears his uniform proudly. A disciple is proud to serve under the banner of the King of kings. A good soldier doesn't get sidetracked with the affairs of this life. A good disciple "comes out from among them" and is living a separated life. These are some of the comparisons. Selah! Have you enlisted?   Ron

 A disciple will respond to this challenge: "Thou, therefore, endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ" (II Timothy 2:3).

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