The Cleanest Possible Kind of Clean

If my memory is correct, a commercial for a detergent ran with the wording of today's title. The idea conveyed by the title is a good illustration of what God plans and desires for all of us. We are born into this world with a fallen human nature inherited from Adam. We are filled with corruption, degeneration, and impurities. This is what the Bible calls sin. When we come to Christ, and are born again, we discover that we have been forgiven and cleansed with the precious blood of Christ. In this wonderful miracle of regeneration and cleansing is included the removal of all sin, as far as their being charged against us is concerned. It is a judicial dismissal of them, because Someone Else, in our behalf, has met the penalty due us."As far as the east is from the west, so far hath He removed our transgressions from us" (Psalm 103:12). However, God doesn't stop here. He wants our record clear and He wants our actual lives and hearts to be pure. How can our lives be made pure? Well, that's tomorrow's subject. Be sure and visit! Selah! God is not 99/44/100ths% pure. He is 100% percent pure! He wants us to be the same in our standing and our state. See how He is able to accomplish this, beginnng tomorrow, Lord willing.    Ron

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