More about Water

Being in a desert without water is a horrible experience. Thirst, dryness, dust, heat, declining life, fear, anxiety, characterize the wanderer in the desert. What relief and joy when the wanderer comes to cool, clear, water! Life is revitalized, hope is restored, strength is renewed, and the ability to go on is experienced. This is a rich illustration of  the Christian life. If a genuine believer draws on the water of life, he will survive the desert of this life on earth. If a Christian falls into sin and finds himself in a dry, fruitless, empty life, he has only to return to the wells of salvation and to drink deeply and constantly. By so doing, the joy of his salvation is restored and fresh life is imparted, enabling him to live for God and others. Are you in a desert, spiritually? Has your walk with God become a drag? Are you weak and discouraged, with hope fading? Return to God's Holy Word and drink deeply and very often from these wonderful wells of salvation. Selah! How tragic for anyone to live a useless, barren, and hopeless life, when life giving water is as near as your Bible! Draw the water and drink deeply and constantly! This is how it works: Study your Bible, apply it, and obey it! The results will be nothing short of thrilling! Ron

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