Drink Deeply

"Therefore,with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation" (Isaiah 12:3). What does this verse mean? What are the "wells of salvation?" When anyone enters into a genuine experience of salvation, they find that these wells are deep in God and the water is available to us in the place where He reveals Himself. This place is the Holy Bible, God's Word to man. How do we draw it out? The answer to that is careful study, depending on the Holy Spirit to grant understanding to us. What kind of water? Living water (John 4:10). What is this water like? Since Jesus, through the Word, is the source, there are many "nutrients" in this water. Here are two or three, for openers. Peace, peace with God, inner peace, peace that passeth understanding, peace in trials, etc. Love, love for God, God's love, in and through us, love for others, love for the brethren, etc. Joy, joy that surpasses happiness, joy that is constant, joy in sorrow, joy in God and the things of God, etc. Now, these examples don't even scratch the surface. In fact, we can and should drink of these wells every day of our lives. These wells never run dry. The waters sustain and increase spiritual vitality. They satisfy spiritual thirst. They provide relief from spiritual drought. If you know Jesus as Lord and Savior, drink deeply and often. Selah! Water plays a prominent role in Scripture. More on that tomorrow, God willing.   Ron

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