Warning Words

"How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?" (From Hebrews 2:3). Many Christians have assumed that this verse relates to failing to receive salvation. While that might be a possible application, the basic interpretation has to do with those who have been saved but are neglecting to grow spiritually. How can they escape? Escape what? I suggest that we can't escape great loss if we neglect so great salvation. We lose the joy of rich, intimate involvement with our Lord. We lose the comfort of the Scriptures. We lose God's power operating in and through us. We miss the discovery of precious gems of Truth. We lose peace that would sustain us under pressure. We will likely lose assurance of our salvation. (We won't lose salvation but we may not be sure we ever had it). These are a sampling of what we lose. Therefore, we need to consider what it means to neglect so great salvation. We can do this many ways. One way is not spending time talking with God (i.e; prayer). Another way is not listening to Him (i.e; reading His Word). Still another way is failing to count your blessings. Appreciating your blessings motivates praise and gratitude which, in turn, brings more blessing to you. A further way to lose out is the loss of rewards that God wants to give us. I think you get the idea. Selah! There is no experience on earth that compares with that of living with a consciousness of His approving Presence, during each day of our journey to Home!     Ron

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