Sterile Christianity?

The two words "sterile" and "Christianity" do not go together! However, what some call Christianity may be very sterile indeed. If we consider ourselves to be Christians, is our lifestyle any different from the general population? Is it possible, is it acceptable, for someone who doesn't know the Lord to be more passionate about their purpose in life than we are about our relationship with Jesus? I realize temperament has a bearing on the way we respond to life. Nevertheless, a quiet, passive, matter of fact person would, I suspect, get excited if he or she became aware of a bomb coming toward them. Maybe we have never felt the impact of a dynamic consciousness of God's Person at work in and through us. If so, why not? How much priority have we given to the cultivation of an intimate relationship with Almighty God? Is there anything competing with God for our attention and time? Do we allow anything to do that? How can we interest anybody in a Christianity about which we are "ho hum?" Was it not the fervency of the disciples after the resurrection, and the burning heart of the Apostle Paul that ignited the flames of evangelism? Isn't it time to draw near to Him and let the white-hot heat of His holiness set our hearts on fire? Even as I compose these lines, I feel conviction for living below the standard of an "all out" commitment. My heart is challenged to renew and intensify my determination for Him to be the consuming passion of my remaining time on earth. Perhaps you feel the same. If so, let's follow our hearts! Selah! Hearts on fire will ignite fire in other hearts!     Ron

"….tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem (for us, in God's Presence) until ye be endued with power from on high." (From Luke 24:49). When He sets your heart on fire, spread the flame!

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