Serious Discipleship-Cobwebs in Your Closet?

There was a time that basements, attics, and closets had to be kept "ship-shape." A wife would be ashamed if someone found dust or cobwebs in any of these places. However, with the cares of life, how easily that cleaning these could be postponed. If there are cobwebs in the closet, maybe no one has opened the door and looked to see. In our houses, a duster, or a rag, or vacuum cleaner could quickly remove the offending matter. If our closets were checked daily, cobwebs wouldn't be allowed to accumulate. What about our Spiritual closet? Have cobwebs taken over because of being too busy to spend some time in our closets? A serious disciple thinks of prayer in terms of what it really is. He or she knows that it is the high and holy privilege of conversing with God! I suspect that few of us grasp the wonder of God wanting us to talk to Him! He is willing and able to give all of us unlimited time with Himself and give us His undivided attention. He is never too busy to listen. He loves us and waits for us to get alone with Him. It is here in "the secret place" that we are able to unburden ourselves. It is here, in His Presence, that we can experience being "lost in wonder, love and praise." Selah! "Sitting at the feet of Jesus, where can mortal be more blest?" (J.H.)     Ron

"…when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to (converse with) thy Father…." (From Matthew 6:6).

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