Serious Discipleship-“Highly Prizing”

In spite of movies, novels, plays, articles, etc. distorting what love really is, the Bible gives the true picture. As we have mentioned in previous articles, love is not, essentially, nice, fuzzy feelings (i.e; emotions). It may bring about some nice emotions but love, first and foremost, is a commitment. It is a commitment to highly prize, highly esteem, someone or something. The Biblical  Word "agape" carries this meaning. Whom do we highly prize, esteem? A mate, friends, a noble person, a hero, a role model? Yes, but it doesn't stop there. What about drug dealers, prostitutes, killers, thieves, drunkards, etc.? Obviously, we are not to love or condone their behavior. We are to highly prize them! This is only possible by supernatural enabling. Do you recall that God loved (highly prized) us, His enemies? His love, His commitment, to rebels and enemies has won many to Himself. Who's to say how many "down and outers" our love might be instrumental in bringing to Christ? What about "oddballs", characters, etc.? Same thing, love them, highly prize them. Above all, even more highly prize Him Who loved us so! This is the greatest of all discipleship responsibilities and privileges. Selah! His love won many of us to Himself. It still works today, very often through us who know Him.    Ron

"For if ye (only) love them who love you, what reward have ye.?" (From Matthew 5:46).

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