Serious Discipleship-Use of Time

A Preacher recently asked, "Why is it so hard to read the Bible?" He went on to point out that there are numerous reasons that people give for not reading God's Word. "I've just been so busy!" "I was just too tired!" "It's so hard to understand!" These are just a few of many. What is the real reason? There are basically two reasons. One: Not being truly saved. Two: We have allowed other things to use up our time. We can spend several hours a day watching television or involvement in sports, etc. but why don't we spend time like that in the Word? If we were to invest that kind of time, alone with God, listening to Him speak via the Word, we just might escape experiencing the normally anemic substitute for true Christianity that is so tragically common today. Are we too lazy to work at it? Are we satisfied to enjoy other things more than we enjoy time with God? Assuming that we have truly been born again, then as disciples we will learn to not go by our feelings but will by cast-iron determination pay the price to grow Spiritually. Let's start with bite-sized pieces, if we have to, but let's not stop until He is more important than anything else in our lives. Selah! Are we saved? Are we increasing in discipline? If we are not, let's repent and get to work!   Join me?     Ron

"But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever. Amen!" (II Peter 3:18).

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