Serious Discipleship

We have been discussing some of the wonderful blessings that are left to those that are His. For the next few days, I hope to examine the subject of serious discipleship as compared to a surface type of "lip" allegiance to the necessity of being a good disciple. For today, I would like to ask a question. I ask you to ponder this carefully and be sure to come back tomorrow. If Jesus were here in His human form today and we were in a room with Him and someone asked Him to comment on our ideas of discipleship, what do you think He might say? I wonder if our concepts of "discipleship" lead us to settle for an inferior brand of commitment. If so, I want to challenge us to commit to letting God motivate us to discard the superficial experience and replace it with "the real thing." Selah! I suspect that only seeing an in-depth discipleship, lived  out, will motivate most people to consider Christ's claims on their lives.   Ron

"For to me to live is Christ…."  (From Philippians1:21). Is that our passion?

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