What has been left to you?
There is much confusion regarding the nature of true freedom. Freedom is not: "I'll do whatever I please!" That is the worst kind of slavery! (There are things that we want to do, which are O.K. to do, of course). What I have in mind are those things that lead to addictions. How many people today live for "things," or fame, or popularity, or education, or sports or pleasure, etc.? While some of these, in moderation, are legitimate pursuits, to live wholly given over to them is idolatry and bondage. Making these kinds of things our all consuming passion shifts our focus away from God. This leads to emptiness and destructive behavior. Far worse, it leads to our ultimate rejection by God, with all that that implies! "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me." (Exodus 20:3). On the other hand, receiving Jesus, as Savior and Lord, places us in God's family and brings the freedom to realize our full potential and freedom from whatever would tear us down, as we apply His word and obey Him. The abundant living that Jesus mentioned, in John 10:10, is ours when we live by His principles. Surrendering control of our lives to Him brings genuine freedom and eternity in Heaven. Selah! Don't accept cheap substitutes for real freedom. To do that would leave you bound in spirit forever! Even if you are born again, freedom is contingent upon yielding to His Lordship.     Ron

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