What has been left to you?
Have you ever thought seriously about God being merciful? Why should He be merciful? Even more to the point, why should He be merciful to you or to me? To begin with, He made a beautiful garden, in a world unspoiled by sin. He gave man a wonderful environment. He made ample provision for all needs. He surrounded man with breathtaking beauty. He exceeded all of this by engaging in personal fellowship with man. He tested man's loyalty with the withholding of one thing only. Man had been trusted with limited free will and chose to exercise that will in rebellion against an infinitely gracious God. Perhaps we think that if we were given what was given to Adam and Eve that we wouldn't have done what they did. That is only prideful thinking. Do we, for one minute, suppose that God in His wisdom and love would not have created the best specimens of all for His test? Looking back on all that, how long did it take for God to get our attention? Would we have ever given God the time of day, if He hadn't reached out to us? After He revealed Himself to us, how long did we resist responding to such wondrous love? He didn't owe us anything but eternal banishment but He offered a restoration to fellowship with Himself. Remember, He did that at the cost of His Son's death! Now, consider that after we come to Jesus and in simple faith receive Him as Savior and Lord, how many times do we sin and fail? When we do that, over and over, how many times does He forgive and cleanse? Are you beginning to see what a gift God's mercy is? Selah! Keep in mind that we have only slightly peeked at His mercy in this article,  just a  little glimpse of one part of the superabundant overflow of His amazing grace!    Ron
"But God, Who is rich in mercy, for His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened" (us), (made us, who received Him, Spiritually alive). (From Ephesians 2:4-5).

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