More Protective Gear

Returning to our means of protection in Ephesians 6:14, we come to our need of "…having on the breastplate of righteousness..." This is a twofold protection only issued to us who are His. This item of equipment is explained in the Word of God. This is part of the equipment provided to enable us to be "…a good soldier of Jesus Christ." (From II Timothy 2:3). The use of the military motif is for a very good reason. This war that we are in is more deadly than any conflict between nations. Those conflicts may result in death of the body, suffering, and loss of freedom. The battle waged against us is for our eternal souls. If the enemy can't keep us on his side, he is relentless in striving to prevent us from bringing others over to the winning side. In other words, he wants to destroy our testimony. The breastplate is external protection covering the chest and heart. When we come to Christ, we are given a legal righteousness. This is a righteousness credited to us. It is Jesus' own righteousness and therefore is "perfect" and "complete." Never can the enemy take us back over to his side. Within this imputed righteousness is the need for imparted righteousness. The credited righteousness can't be overcome but the imparted righteousness can be damaged and cause us to be wounded in action and even rendered useless for our Commander in Chief. We receive imputed righteousness simply as a gift, as a part of our salvation. The Holy Spirit is training us along the lines described in our military manual (i.e; the Bible). Our basic training includes the disciplined development of practical righteousness. It is this discipline that undermines the enemy's attempts to defeat and discredit us. Selah! God can use "holy" lives to convince others to come over to our side. Unholy lives may convince them to stay where they are.   Ron 


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