An Endangered Species?

 The greatest mission ever undertaken by any human being is the mission to penetrate the darkness of Spiritually blinded people with the "….light of the glorious gospel of Christ…." (From II Corinthians 4:4). This mission, delegated to the Church, is the responsibility and privilege of all believers, beginning with where our lives intersect with other lives, and stretching to the most remote places on earth. All are called to execute this mission locally, some are specially chosen to carry out a foreign assignment. (This is a good place to be reminded that there is no "foreign field" from God's point of view. The world is the field)! So anyone not participating in this mission is AWOL. But why would anyone avoid active duty? There are a variety of reasons. Let's examine a few. There is a cacophony of siren voices clamoring for our attention. Entertainment, "toys," materialism, desired careers, self-centered, discordant and distorted music, and relationships, are examples of ways in which the voice of Jesus is drowned out from our hearing. He is calling all believers to participate in this grand mission. Can you hear Him? Get away, alone with Him, removed from all these distractions and listen carefully to that "…still small Voice…." (From I Kings 19:12). Then, answer His call to service! Selah! There is another tragic explanation for the failure to hear the Voice of God. Too many pulpits are not telling us what our Savior is saying regarding this great mission and our part in it.   Ron

This is what we need to hear: "….Go ye into all the world, and preach (proclaim) the gospel to every creature." (From Mark 16:15). Are we listening?

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