“F” Series: Flow

Today Begins a New Series

Our first look at this word presents a startling picture. In Isaiah 64:1 & 3 we read of God's Presence making the mountains flow down. God's Holiness is so awesome that were He to "rend the heavens," mountains would melt, as it were, in His Presence! The peoples would know that God is indeed very real! However, there is another facet to this picture. If God came down to confront the lost, He would at the same time comfort the saved in revival. Mountains of unbelief and ungodliness would melt away in the white-hot heat of His Holiness.

 Jeremiah 31:12 speaks of Jacob (Verse 11) (i.e; Israel) flowing together to the goodness of the LORD. The closer Israel came to God, in recognition and trust, the greater their blessings. It is the same today, for us who are His!

The next look at flow is in John 7: 38. "He that believeth on Me (Jesus), as the scripture hath said, out of his belly (i.e; heart, innermost being) shall flow rivers of living water." The mighty flowing rivers of earth provide life giving refreshment to vegetation, people, and creatures. These rivers often wash away corruption in the wake of their flow. Just so, the blessed Holy Spirit brings life, blessing, fruitfulness, and cleansing to those caught in His current. He flows into and fills a life with joy and flows out and on to bless others. Selah! Are you lined up with the flow?    Ron

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