Can America be Salvaged?

The answer to the question in today's title depends on what God has decided as to the judgment of our nation. If He is through with America, nothing can be done. There are hints of this possibility all around us. However, let me remind you that many times it appeared that it was all over for Israel but when the nation cried out, in repentance, for God, His mercy spared them. When God's people engage the culture, when they confront and combat sin, there is hope. We are where we are today because, by and large, too many Christians have given up on America. We have abdicated our responsibilities. We have failed to seize our opportunities to make a difference. I'm speaking generally. There are notable exceptions! God's Old Testament spokesmen frequently engaged governments, the religious establishment, and civil leaders and rulers, sometimes risking suffering, torture, and death. We have a golden weapon with which to reverse the downward spiral of America. It's called prayer. We have another golden weapon in our country. It's the ballot. If all Christians and others who have moral standards would vote for what is right, we would see this country turned around. Anyone who isn't blinded by lack of critical thinking can easily discern that we are moving more and more toward socialism. I heard a perceptive quote recently. It went something like this: "Socialism is the pitstop between Capitalism and Communism." I believe that when time is done and eternity is upon us, the blame, if America collapses, will be laid more on the Church than anywhere else. We can't expect mentally anemic and spiritually dead liberals to be salt. That's our job! Selah! Salt, in the shaker, is worthwhile only when it is poured out.    Ron

"By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted, but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked" (Proverbs 11:11).

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