Resolving “Resolutions”

There is a basic reason why we do not keep resolutions that we make, if we still even bother to make them. We try to keep them in our own strength by our own human ability apart from Divine aid. We start out well enough but after a few failures, we give up. It doesn't "feel" good to fail! We listen to that subtle whisper in our mind's ears that says, "You can't do it!" We can't but God can, in and through us, if our resolutions are in harmony with the principles of His Word. However, we need a winning strategy. First, and foremost, how many times do we try to keep a resolution? The right answer is as many times as we fail plus one. Secondly, we don't allow "feelings" to discourage us. Thirdly, we keep before God for strength. Next, we write them down and refer to them daily. In addition, we don't make so many that achievement looks impossible. Having said all that, our first resolution must be quality time alone with God, in His Word and prayer. We need a goal. Ex. If I read the Bible (and study it carefully) all the way through this year, can I finish earlier next year and start over again so that the following year, granted we are still here, I can maybe read it through twice? Do the same with witnessing and giving. Have a goal and keep on keeping on. Mastering the art of discipline is the essence of discipleship. Selah! Plan your year and work your plan until it becomes a part of you.     Ron

Jesus, in John 4:34, said, "My meat (i.e; that which fills and sustains Me) is to do the will of Him that sent Me, and to finish His work." Make Jesus' Words yours and finish the work that he has entrusted to you.

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