A Truly Astonishing Event

Certainly an unsaved person can't grasp much of anything about what happened when Christ was born. He or she is pretty much limited to view it as the birth of someone remarkable. They may see Him as a great person, teacher, leader, etc. They may be aware that He made one of the greatest impacts ever made in the history of the human race, possibly even the greatest impact of all. They can't go much further than that. What is even more tragic is when a true child of God doesn't realize much more than that. One of the most exciting moments in a born again Christian's life is when the reality grips them that God was in Christ (and Christ was and is God) visiting our world. God had come to take a "hands-on" approach to meet the desperate need of mankind. He came to rescue those who would receive Jesus, as Savior and Lord, from the awful penalty for sin. What a miracle it was, when the Mighty Creator God, in the Person of His Son, was bodily contracted to the limits of the virgin's womb! At Calvary, this God was, "….in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself…." (From II Corinthians 5:19). Everyone's redemption price was paid-in-full.  Those willing to receive the benefit for themselves, by exercising simple faith in that atoning Sacrifice, need only to invite Him to be their Lord and Savior . Saving faith trusts Him with ruling and reigning in their lives. (See Romans 10:9-10). If all this isn't wonder enough, consider this astonishing provision for the redeemed: "…Christ in you,the hope of Glory…." (From Colossians 1:27). Add to that, this further stunning realization: "For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily" (Colossians 2:9). To quote Major Ian Thomas: "God wants to be what He is-everything, in what we are-nothing and that will really be something!" Selah! Let these Truths grip your mind, if you have received Him, not only at CHRISTmas but all year long. Be a channel for His Presence to flow through, to touch other lives redemptively.    Ron

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