Has the Guest of Honor Arrived?

People who truly know Christ live in an unusual time. There is perhaps more "parachurch" today than church (i.e; "church" in the traditional sense). We have Christian Media outlets. There are Christian Publishers. Consider also Christian Schools. Add to these, Christian Ministries. Christian Social Outreach work is still another part of the picture. What about Christian (and conservative) causes? Another one to add to the mix is Christian Counseling. Still another is Christian bookstores. Dare I include Christian entertainment? Christian World Missions is another component. You can probably think of more. Much of this is worthwhile unless………unless "The Guest of Honor" is not in the place of honor. What is my point? Simply this: Is His Person truly at the center of all this? Are all involved centered on Him? Is His Power the moving force for these endeavors? Is He the "center of attention?" Is His direction sought? Does He enjoy the love of all personnel? Is there a consciousness of His pleasure and blessing? (These kinds of questions can be asked of a local church, as well). One of Satan's most clever ploys is to have us focus on service rather than on the Savior, on ministry rather than on the Master. Revelation 3:20 portrays Jesus on the outside of His Church seeking an invitation to enter for fellowship. This is a tragic picture indeed! Have we fallen into this trap? Selah! Has the "Guest of Honor" arrived? With all of the bustle, have we stopped long enough to open the door and welcome Him in to the seat of honor?     Ron

In I Kings 19:11-12, God approaches Elijah. First, however, there is wind, earthquake, and fire. After that, God speaks in "a still, small voice." Have we moved beyond the sights and sounds of feverish activities so that now we can hear the still, small voice of Jesus seeking our fellowship?

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