Half Faith!

It would not be good to be half a person. Nevertheless, there are people who seem to possess little emotion, yet are very intelligent. Of course, there are also those who are so emotional that they appear unstable (and probably are). They are impulsive and more or less driven by "feelings," sometimes with serious consequences. Should one's faith be almost completely intellectual? Should we settle for a faith that has little grounding in reason? Does it serve Satan's plans for us to be one extreme or the other? Now I enjoy, with great satisfaction, a good steak. If I only put it in the refrigerator and thought about it, it wouldn't do me much good. On the other hand, if I ate it raw, the way it came from the store, it might give me some real problems. Reason alone is only for the mind. Faith alone, ungrounded by reason, can collapse and be exposed as only "feeling."  The Bible, that great body of Eternal and Absolute Truth, is somewhat like a pile of logs sitting in the fireplace all ready to go but not ignited. Faith that absorbs and applies that Truth is the match that lights the fire. Faith set on fire gives off light, warmth, and pleasure. Remember that the written Word, the Scriptures, is the foundation of valid faith. Jesus, the Living Word, lives that Truth out. He expresses it and models it in a life of purpose, character, beauty and blessing. If He inhabits our humanity (and He does, if we are saved) our lives should be lived the same way, in dependence on and obedience to Him. Selah! Faith that is not lived out is cold and sterile. It seldom, if ever, amounts to anything.    Ron

"But be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves" (James 1:22).

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