What Can the Church Do?

Yesterday, we considered what you and I can do to restore the basics to the Church. Today, let's look at what the Church can do. Keep in mind that there will be some overlap, because "we" are the Church. I believe the most basic thing of all is making passionate public and private prayer a top priority. Let's pray earnestly (James 5:16) for the Church, for lost people, and anointed preaching. Let's bring back the Prayer Meeting, if we have given up on it. Let's keep it if we haven't. In either case, we mustn't rest until it is a vital and Biblical Prayer Meeting. Be sure that honoring Jesus is the number one reason for our existence. Set standards of holiness before the people and preach against sin, without fear of being accused of being legalistic. Holy behavior is not "legalistic" unless it is done for the wrong motives. Don't substitute carnal programs for Scriptural methodology. Don't prostitute the pulpit with the emphasizing of anything as equal to, or above, the Word of God. Learn what true worship is and practice it. Encourage and practice "witnessing." Stress "Missions."  Missions" is near to God's heart. Train "believers" in solid doctrine. Develop Godly leadership. Employ discipline when needed, even if it decreases offerings. Maintain a reverent atmosphere, remembering that you are in the "Presence" of the Most Holy God.  Selah! If a Church has strayed from these things, it may take time to reverse the downward trend. Be patient, but persistent.   Ron

"And they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers." (Acts 2:42).

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