We Are in Enemy Territory!

We sing: "This is my Father's World" (and ultimately it is), but right now it is occupied by enemy forces. Satan is referred to as "the god of this world" and this has been allowed by God, for a limited amount of time. It is, however, our mission, as "good soldiers of Jesus Christ" led by our Commander-in-Chief, to capture and hold enemy territory. The conflict rages world wide. Our part may be to secure the home front. to establish headquarters for the training, leadership and support of those who have gone deeper into heavily controlled enemy areas. God has equipped us to do our part, just as He has equipped His invading forces to do their part. World War II needed everyone to sacrifice and do his part to defeat the forces of evil. This is a far greater war than World War II! It was a crime to be AWOL from one's military duty. It is a far greater crime to be AWOL in the Lord's Army! America and her allies fought for freedom. We are fighting for freedom from the tyranny of sin! In World War II, people's lives were in bondage. In our war, people's souls are in bondage!  On to victory! Selah! When our Captain comes, will He find us at our assigned mission?  Ron

Remember the commission given us in II Timothy 2:3. "Thou, therefore, endure hardness, as a good  soldier of Jesus Christ."

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