Holy Help from Hebrews-48

Having stressed the indispensable role of "faith" throughout Hebrews, now we come to Chapter 11 which is replete with examples of faith. This chapter has an opening portion to deal with, before we look at the examples. In Verse 1, we are told that "faith is the substance of things hoped for..."  Let's start with a basic truth.  Faith is unconditional (it is not irrational). Trusting God is a firm, irrevocable decision that you and I will trust Him, no matter what and in spite of any doubts or negative "feelings."  There are many reasons to trust Him but that's not the subject of this article. "Things hoped for..." is an important part of this verse. "Wishful thinking" is not in view here. Hope is anticipated certainty! God's Word has never been proven wrong, and that God cannot lie is one of its' declarations. We can touch what God has promised, by faith. That is to say that, if God says it or promises it, it will be! God's Word gives what He says "substance," a substance more solid than concrete. "The evidence of things not seen..." This evidence is more reliable than any evidence ever given in a court of law because God is the One giving the evidence. Verse 2 continues: "for by it (faith) the elders (God's saints) obtained a good report. God Himself honored their trust. Moving to Verse 3, we are told that it is through (or by means of) faith that "we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God…." None of us were there but God was!  He is infinitely more reliable than the shifting views of sin-darkened minds. Man's ideas change frequently but He makes no mistakes! His Word further brings out that He created the world out of what we would describe as "nothing." It is a question of where we place our trust. Will it be in man, who has been wrong time and time again or in God, Who never fails?  Selah!  If I trust that a chair will hold me, it is only when I sit in it that my faith is validated. When we trust our selves completely to Him, He will prove to be utterly dependable.        Ron

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