Holy Help from Hebrews-46

Returning to Chapter 10 of Hebrews, let's look at Verse 26.  Some have understood this verse to teach that salvation can be lost, after one has received it.  This is because of a failure to consider the whole tenor of Scripture on this vital subject and a lack of very careful reading of the portion before us. "For if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth" can be rendered this way: if we choose to continue in a sinful lifestyle after gaining an understanding of the truth "there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins..."  Since Calvary's Lamb has been refused, there is no "Plan B."  Verse 27 warns of the outcome of continuing in this rejection. It promises "a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries."   It is while we were "enemies" that we, who are born again, were reconciled to God.  When we fail to embrace His reconciliation, we remain an "enemy" (i.e; adversary).  Verse 28 reminds us that, under the old system, the Law required the death penalty for certain sins. That penalty was imposed, provided that there was as few as two or three witnesses to the broken Law. Verse 28 speaks of "sorer punishment" for the one who is thought worthy of punishment for rejecting God's gift. This person, in his or her rejection, has trampled on the awful cost to Jesus to offer such a Gracious Gift.  He or she has considered the covenant, sealed by Jesus' shed Blood, a common thing, even though that covenant would have "sanctified" (set apart; dedicated) that person to God, if they had not rejected.  They have seriously despised the Holy Spirit's wooing and spurned God's Grace.  Selah! It is an eternally serious matter to trifle with God's offer of salvation. It is the offer of the greatest Gift that has ever been given to a human being. It required the death of God's only begotten Son. No other Gift is that priceless!    Ron

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