Holy Help from Hebrews-22

Moving, in Chapter 6 of Hebrews, to Verse 5, we discover some additional description of these folk referred to in Verse 4. They "have tasted the good Word of God, and the powers of the world to come."  The Word of God is for far more than just tasting. (Unsaved people can usually come up with some Scripture. Many unsaved folk can quote John 3:16). The Word is to be internalized, applied, and obeyed. A person who truly receives the gift of God's grace has experienced the desire to learn and understand the Bible. An appetite for Truth has been implanted by the Holy Spirit! Thus begins a lifelong feeding on the milk and meat of God's Holy Word. If one has little or no interest in the Bible, they have very likely stopped short of "entering in." They have come up to the border and sampled the truth but most likely have not really crossed over into salvation. They have tasted the powers of the world (or age) to come, that is they have surmised a little of what Heaven will be like. How many times when a loved one dies do people say  "at least, they are in a better place." (Too often, they are not in a better place). Using the expression "a better place," hints that they have a slight taste of what Heaven might offer. Nevertheless, to be saved, one needs to go beyond the small taste. When we are born again, the Bible becomes indispensable to us. A new child of God is nourished by the milk of the Word, a maturing saint is learning to digest the meat of God's word and longs for more. Selah! A true disciple will discipline himself to eat healthy Spiritual food and develop a balanced diet.  Ron  (More tomorrow, Lord willing. I hope you will join us).

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