Holy Help from Hebrews-21

Hebrews 6:4-6 is another admittedly difficult portion to work with, but I believe there is vital truth here. In Verse 4, three things are mentioned to describe "those" of whom the human author is speaking: 1). they "were once enlightened." 2). they "have tasted of the heavenly gift." 3). they "were made partakers of the Holy Ghost." These certainly seem to be "saved" people. The key word here is "seem." Before we study the three items, consider this: if these people were truly saved, verse 6 would teach that, after falling away once and thereby losing  their salvation, they could not repent again (once lost, always lost)! Verse 9 indicates that the writer is persuaded of better things of them and of things which pertain to salvation. Let's look, now, at the first item. They were enlightened. They understood their condition as unsaved and their need. Nothing, at this point, suggests that they underwent any redemptive change. The next item seems to hold out the possibility that they had a taste of salvation. However, every sinner who sits under the message of salvation, with a glimmer of understanding, has indeed had a taste of what the Gospel could do for them (i.e; the heavenly gift). What about the third item? They "were made partakers of the Holy Ghost." Shouldn't that prove they were born again? Partakers, in this instance, only indicates that they went along with the Holy Spirit. How many today agree with the Spirit's promptings but refuse to receive the Gift of Grace? Just like the spies at Kadesh-Barnea that went right up to the border of the promised land, following God's plan and even gathering from the overhanging fruit, yet not entering in, these in Hebrews go up to the threshold of salvation, even experience an idea of what it would be like to enter in. but fail to do so. Selah! I wonder if anyone reading this might have come close to being saved but stopped short of actually receiving the Gift. It would be horribly tragic to be that close and miss God's offer. One would have eternity to regret that failure!   Ron  (More tomorrow, God willing)!

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