The Second Worst Sin?

Please allow me a digression today, although it is related to our journey through Hebrews. I want to extract a phrase from II Peter 3:5. "For this they willingly are ignorant of…" In the context of this phrase, creation is in view. I would like to introduce a wider context for our consideration today. If the worst sin is rejecting Christ (and it is), a strong case can be made that the second worst sin is being willfully ignorant. This is an act of our will to ignore what we don't want to believe or consider and to ignore the claims that God has on us. Let's use some examples. We ignore the evidence for God, because to acknowledge God means that we are accountable to Him. We ignore His Word (with many excuses) in favor of what our reading preferences are. We ignore Church (assuming that it is boring, and sometimes it is). More often than not, it is exciting! This excitement starts when we open our hearts and lives to Jesus. We ignore the message because it lays responsibility on us and because we are interested in what we have in mind to do when it's "over." We ignore the opportunities to serve because we want to give our time to our pleasures and entertainment. To give thorough attention to God, and invest quality time listening to Him would interfere with our lifestyle. To ignore God is to insult Him! Some do not believe there is a God. (Very foolish)! What if they are wrong? Why not willfully give time and attention to seeking Truth? That is God's will!  "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine (Jesus' teaching), whether it be of God..." Selah! We can ignore God and the things of God during our time on earth but do we want Him to ignore us for eternity?    Ron

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