Holy Help from Hebrews-19

Hebrews 6:1-2 are difficult, but not impossible, to understand. Verse 1 reaches back to connect with verses 11-14 of chapter 5. Those who are on milk, can't handle solid food, are dull of hearing, are unskillful in the Word of God, and lack the maturity to discern between good and evil are admonished to move beyond the basics and start to enjoy healthy Spiritual growth. How many Christians today have spent so little time in the Word that they have missed the joy of robust Spiritual living? "Therefore, leaving the principles  (apparently, the basic principles) of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection (completion, maturity)." The remainder of verse 1 and Verse 2 give the basics that a serious Christian is to move beyond. "Repentance from dead works" (trying to be saved or win favor with God by doing dead "religious" works) is one thing in view here. Another thing in view is repenting from sinful works (i.e; behavior, worldly ways, and views). Leave the old way. Repent (turn from it to the pursuit of Godliness). Regarding "Faith toward God," there is, too often, confusion regarding the nature of faith. Fundamentally, faith is a decision to believe in God and believe God as He reveals Himself and His will in His Word. This is essentially a one time decision. We choose to trust God unconditionally for salvation and for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, new Christians can easily be led astray by equating faith, or the lack of it, with certain negative or positive feelings (i.e; emotions). A true Christian must "come to grips" with the reality that faith is believing God, no matter what, and it is an unchangeable decision. We will have doubts and questions, but we have chosen and will continue to choose to trust, regardless of anything. We might falter for a bit but, if we are His, we will return to our decision to trust and maintain our confidence to the very end. Selah! We have to believe something. It makes eternal sense to trust God rather than the changing opinions of unredeemed minds.  Ron  Note: We'll plan to continue tomorrow at Verse 2. (Lord willing).

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