Holy Help from Hebrews-18

Hebrews, Chapter 5, Verse 11 states that the human author of this letter (I'm convinced it was Paul) had many things to say about Jesus, our Great High Priest, but they were "hard to be uttered, seeing" (they [ are we?]) " were dull of hearing." What a tragic reality! They were not and we may not be carefully listening and applying God's Truth. Verses 12-13 describe those who came to know Jesus, acting like babies on milk and as unable to digest Spiritual meat. They should have reached Spiritual maturity and been able to teach others. Let's move beyond basics to the great doctrinal truths of God's Word. In Verse 13, we are made aware of a pitiful possibility. Being like a baby on milk, Spiritually, is the inevitable result of being unskillful in the Word of Righteousness. What an indictment! We are instructed to, "Study to show thyself, approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth." (II Timothy 2:15). Moving to Verse 14, we are reminded that "Spiritual steak" is for those who have matured (and are maturing) to being "of age." They (we, hopefully) have studied and  used the Word of God to the point that they (we?) can discern (distinguish) between good and evil.  Are we out of diapers and off of the bottle, Spiritually? Selah! If we have been "nursing the bottle" Spiritually, let's not waste another day before extending our diets to be able to chew on some real meat!   Ron

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