Indicators of Spiritual Maturity-Part 15

The second part of the little acrostic, "joy," is "others." (Jesus Others Yourself- Jesus first, others second, yourself last, spells joy)! What about others? Obviously, if we are all wrapped up in ourselves, we will most likely think little of others. Yet, Jesus gave much time, care, and help, to others. A very definite indication of Spiritual maturity is what we do for others. What are some ways in which we can do this? First and foremost is really caring about other's well-being.  Physical help, financial help, emotional help, mental help, Spiritual help, are ways to minister to others. We may be able to help in some of these ways or some may be able to reach out in all of these ways. All of us can reach out in at least one way, except in the most extreme circumstances (such as being severely challenged in some area). Even most bedridden people can pray and/or converse by phone. Even writing to some folk would bless them. Have you found someone that you can help? If not, ask God to bring to your attention someone that He wants to love through you. Be alert to His promptings and respond with loving care to that person's need(s). Selah! Meeting a need in someone's life may open his or her heart to having their deepest need met by Jesus. Will you be His Instrument to touch their lives for eternity?   Ron

"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue, but in deed and in truth." (I John 3:18)


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