Indicators of Spiritual Maturity-Part 14

Thinking about the lyrics of our great hymns, can we relate to the messages conveyed? Do some hymns remind us of God's Presence and purposes in our trials? Do hymns sometimes give voice to testimonies we have but can't articulate. Are hymns a way we can offer gratitude and praise to God for Who He is and what He means to us? Are hymns a vehicle through which we can worship, honor, and adore Him? Can we identify with many of the hymnwriters, having experienced some of the things they wrote about? Do hymns help us understand and appreciate the great doctrines of our faith? Do we only sing the words and not think about them? Are we more "taken" with good music than we are with the truths contained in the words?  In short, do we truly internalize the meanings? If we are gifted in singing or playing an instrument and we are asked to do it in a church service, are we entertaining or ministering? If we are ministering, why do people clap? Are they doing it for our "performance?" Pray that God will use your ministry to effect eternal results and that the listeners will think more about God and their relationship with Him than how well you sang or played. It's more important for hearts to be moved than for bodies to be stirred. Selah! Singing and ministering in music and letting hymns reflect your experience of and love for God are indications of Spiritual maturity.   Ron

"Speaking to yourselves (communicating to others, as well as to yourself) in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart (and hopefully resonating in other's hearts) to the Lord." (Ephesians 5:19)

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